Best places on the web

Below are a few links that you must follow if you are a cricket fan

1. Cricket with balls

Let’s face it. Everyone who writes about cricket wants to be able to write like Jarrod Kimber. Cutting insight, long form pieces and an amazingly bad logo that makes his site even more endearing.
No one tells a cricketing story like this bloke. Get on board.

2. Pavilion Opinions

James Marsh is the king of satirical cricket writing. Also one half of the world’s most listened to cricket podcast ‘Radio Cricket’. Never a wasted word. A real fan favourite

3. Bored Cricket

Gaurav Sethi won ‘India’s best sports blog’ in 2014 for a reason. Not only a writer and brilliant cartoonist, this blogger also penned possibly the greatest cricket song ever written. Listen to it. Go on. Do it.

4. The Roar

The Roar is a home for everyone and anyone who wants to write on sport, or in this instance, cricket. It has some amazing guys as staff writers including Glenn Mitchell and Geoff Lemon. You can subscribe to their newsletter and get a daily dose of cricket articles land like clockwork in your inbox.
Fancy yourself as a cricket blogger. At The Roar, you can set up a profile and have your first piece up in cyberspace in minutes. We have also written a few articles there!

5. Cricket Geek

Michael Wagener is the Cricket Geek. Based in New Zealand, he primarily uses stats to make detailed arguments. Kind of like a statistician writing a book, except without the boring bits.

Below are some useful links for all the fan theories and updates for Game of Thrones

1. Wars and Politics of Ice and Fire

An amazing collection of stuff around this loved series. The blog has essays on possibly everything that you would want to know about GOT

2.  Official site

3. Wikia

The wiki page which has some good content and references from the books by Mr. Martin

4. Making of Game of Thrones

Another beautiful content site for all behind the scene stuff about GOT




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Who, what, why and how of everything!


Who, what, why and how of everything!

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A group of kids telling other kids stories of adventure.

Wars and Politics of Ice and Fire

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Who, what, why and how of everything!


Who, what, why and how of everything!

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Who, what, why and how of everything!



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