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What to focus in digital and on mobile?

The most awaited yearly digital report for 2015-16 by Mary Meeker was out last week. The report clearly shows ample room for mobile advertising to grow. It touts India as one of the fastest growing markets in the digital space.

Digital IndiaThe rise of digital India

Interestingly she says that the growth of social media giants Facebook and twitter has slowed down in the last year. Below are some other interesting views from the report: Continue reading What to focus in digital and on mobile?

15 must DO’s to maximize SEO output

Most of us would have integrated a digital marketing plan to your overall marketing mix (If not, you must start doing it immediately before it’s too late). While having a chat with one of my friends working for a real estate major, I realized that many managers still use classic page hits and views to judge their digital campaigns. I thought that the basic principle of judging any input is the output that you get (business output for business cases). And the same applies for digital campaigns as well. Hence, I thought of mentioning here a few important measurement metrics to measure the efforts put towards SEO campaigns. Continue reading 15 must DO’s to maximize SEO output