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Movies – An apt media for product placement?

While watching a recent Bollywood hit last weekend, I noticed a lot of brands using the movie to advertise their products in a subtle manner. The movie I watched was Piku and the brands that I noticed were Indian oil, Kayam Churan, CEAT, Amul, Syska, Jaypee Greens, Snapdeal, Himalayan water and few others which I might have gone unnoticed. These brands were placed so beautifully in the movie that they actually did not disrupt the flow of the story. As if, they were just meant to be there.

Parachute product placement in pikuPiku using parachute hair oil in the movie

While Piku was subtle in placing these brands, a movie that I remember which went over the board in terms of product placement was Krrish 3. There were brands everywhere. In a particular scene I thought the set and the sequence were created to showcase these brands only – forget the sync with the movie. It was really irritating. Continue reading Movies – An apt media for product placement?

The simple process of making “MOVIES” – Part 5

For all movie makers who thought that creating a fantastic product with all essentials will make it a successful product too, well, think again. It is equally important to ensure that your product reach the audiences aptly. It is equally ensure to seduce your audience towards the wonderful piece of cinema that you created. This post talks about exactly that – distribution. Till, now we have gone through four parts of movie making. Before we go ahead with the final part read the below links for a quick refresher:

1. Idea and development

2. Pre-production

3. Production

4. Post-production

Coming back to distribution. So, what is distribution?

Distribution is the process in which the film reaches the audience, and is therefore the final peak of the whole film making process. It is done through film distributors, either by a theatrical distribution or for home viewing, such as DVD releases. Nowadays, a film can also be shared on the internet. Advertising is, of course, a part of this phase; use your marketing material in order to stand out in the busy world of media.

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