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How Netflix is championing Big Data

In one my posts on Big data, I tried to simplify the concept of Big Data. This one will prove why Netflix is the champion in using data to drive inferences and put them into action.

Netflix is over time become a data driven company. With over 50 million subscribers, Netflix has the tools and resources to channel the humongous data is collects from its subscribers. Not only does it use the data to identify what shows to commit to, but it can now take additional steps to ensure that the show reaches the right audience. Netflix collects a lot of data to understand how its users behave and what their preferences are, what people watch, when they watch, where they watch, what devices they use, ratings, searches, when users pause or stop watching and much more. Continue reading How Netflix is championing Big Data

Simplifying ‘Big Data’

I have been reading, listening and absorbing a lot about big data since the last 3-4 years. And, I came to realize that there are many marketers/business managers/analysts who still find the concept of ‘Big Data’ a little chaotic. In this write up I have tried to simplify this concept by a few examples which would help one understand the logic and the utility of big data.
Continue reading Simplifying ‘Big Data’