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Simplifying ‘Big Data’

I have been reading, listening and absorbing a lot about big data since the last 3-4 years. And, I came to realize that there are many marketers/business managers/analysts who still find the concept of ‘Big Data’ a little chaotic. In this write up I have tried to simplify this concept by a few examples which would help one understand the logic and the utility of big data.
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10 tips for creating effective LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn is the world’s largest “Professional” networking website which has a member base crossing a whopping 150 million. India alone contributes to approx. 15 million members.

Like other social media, LinkedIn helps you target and connect with the right target group. Marketers/Business professionals use LinkedIn to build brands, exchange ideas, share information regarding events, participate in discussions, share articles, jobs etc. Continue reading 10 tips for creating effective LinkedIn ads