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England will not win the 2016 ICC World t20

Cricket is an unpredictable game. It always surprises you with the turnarounds that it brings with itself. However, no team survives on the unpredictability and leaves it to faith. Each team and its administration work towards making a great team, preparing for great milestones such has world cups.

Now, with less than a year to go for the next major ICC tournament – the T20 world cup, and with so much T20 cricket around and with England cricket being the talk of cricket news around the world for all things except cricket, I wondered what are the chances of an English team of winning this trophy next year in India. Continue reading England will not win the 2016 ICC World t20

Kevin Pietersen: A failed case of Product Marketing?

Is there a team in the world that doesn’t have people who can’t stand one another? Well, I don’t know any. And I have worked with and seen and read about many successful and unsuccessful teams in the world.

Kevin Pietersen has been one of the most charismatic and sensational faces of English cricket in the recent past. He is like the Salman Khan of English cricket – Salman has however managed to survive many bad phases and is still going strong while KP is down and out (at least it seems so as of now, unless he helps SRH win the IPL and starts hitting centuries while England are molested by the Aussies in the Ashes or may be till their PM, Mr. David Cameron comes to his rescue J – that’s too much to wish for in one sentence).

With more than 10 years of international cricket and with highest number of runs in all forms of the game for any English batsmen, this South Africa born English lad’s story is no less than a Bollywood movie or that of an exceptional product which failed because it could not keep up to the expectation. KP was such an outstanding product that all it required was a sensible product marketing strategy coupled with tweaks in product management to refine KP the batsman – one of the finest product of English cricket. Too much gyan? Let’s try and simplify this. Continue reading Kevin Pietersen: A failed case of Product Marketing?