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The simple process of making “MOVIES” – PART 3

Hope you all found the notes on initial processes of film making useful. If you haven’t read the first two parts, you can read them here

  1. Idea and development
  2. Pre-production

Would be useful to just browse through these first before you get into the third part – Production. Continue reading The simple process of making “MOVIES” – PART 3

[Infographic] History of cricket bats

Change is the only constant!

And cricket is no different. The game has evolved so much since its inception that it almost resembles the evolution of mankind from Neanderthals to the homo sapiens. It has adapted to the changes that we have adopted. It has always tried to be in sync with its fans. It has actually become more than just a sport. The evolution is not limited to strategies, formats, variations etc., it has also been seen in small things like the cricketing gear, level of athleticism and even fashion. The below infographic shows us how the cricket bat has evolved over years. Continue reading [Infographic] History of cricket bats