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Did Mance really die in S05E01 – Game of Thrones?

There was a major death that closed out the Season 5 premiere of Game of Thrones and it’s one not even book readers could have seen coming. At the end of the episodes, after refusing to kneel before Stannis Baratheon, Mance Rayder was gruesomely roasted alive until Jon Snow put him out of his misery with an arrow. A very similar scene takes place in the books including the roasting and the arrow. But on the page, it’s one of Rayder’s lieutenants, Rattleshirt who dies. Melisandre glamours Rattleshirt to look like Mance and Mance to look like Rattleshirt and Jon, not knowing Mance is dead, starts training with Mance in disguise. Well Rattleshirt hasn’t been seen on the show since Season 3.

There is a part in the booking about Mance training Jon Snow. That relationship is actually pretty lovely in the books. But it hasn’t been translating very well on screen. But, more importantly, the way Jon treated Mance here, and the leadership he showed in stepping up and firing that mortal arrow, went a long way towards rehabilitating a character that has never come across as well onscreen as it did in the books. I just love Jon Snow!

I think Mance might just pop up again – may be this is the Indian daily soap effect – that I am thinking too much. That’s why I don’t watch them anymore!



Part 2 – [Random Logic] R + L = J, a theory from ‘Game of Thrones’: Who are the three heads of the dragon?

tumblr_ng7gnxKc6F1tl3771o1_1280In the last post on Game of Thrones, I mentioned about the R+L = J theory and promised to come back with an answer to the question – Who are the three heads of the dragon?The theory that Rhaegar Targaryen was convinced about.

For simplicity lets assume that R+L=J theory holds true. (Click here to read that theory, if you haven’t read it yet.)

This might actually be true, esp. looking at what has happened in Season 5 till now. In episode 4 Melisandre, The Red Woman tried to seduce our hero Jon Snow. If the theory is true, it would make sense for Melisandre to get into Jon immediately. If you’ll recall, in the Season 3 episode titled “The Climb,” she shows up at the secret camp of the Brotherhood Without Banners, where Arya was hiding out with Gendry (bastard son of King Robert Baratheon). Not only is she able to find the rag-tag group of rogues, she also comes bearing prior knowledge about Gendry. We’ve all seen the God she worships, the Lord of Light, perform some pretty powerful magic in the show – can it also show her people with noble blood? As her character has reminded Stannis Baratheon and the audience nearly a dozen times, there’s power in king’s blood. So, if she’s trying to seduce Jon Snow in Season 5, odds are good it’s not because she’s heard about his talents in bed ;). For Jon Snow, all I could say is – “You know nothing Jon Snow”.

you_know_nothing_jon_snow_by_ovgg-d7qaomrComing back to the three heads of the dragon, let’s read another theory about Tyrion Lannister. Here it goes, Continue reading Part 2 – [Random Logic] R + L = J, a theory from ‘Game of Thrones’: Who are the three heads of the dragon?