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Influence marketing – Who, What, Why and How?

Why a new marketing technique?

In this era of digitization where hundreds of thousands of products are being launched every year and the amount of digital noise increasing exponentially, brands need a solution that would allow them to distinguish themselves from that noise – both online and offline. They need a solution which would seduce its customers amidst all the lucrative options that they have. The amount of monies being spent by brands today on social media in increasing social presence, making efforts to stand out in the crowd is just appalling. It is not only a great product which enables sales but it also required an out of the box marketing effort. Continue reading Influence marketing – Who, What, Why and How?

The simple process of making “MOVIES” – Part 5

For all movie makers who thought that creating a fantastic product with all essentials will make it a successful product too, well, think again. It is equally important to ensure that your product reach the audiences aptly. It is equally ensure to seduce your audience towards the wonderful piece of cinema that you created. This post talks about exactly that – distribution. Till, now we have gone through four parts of movie making. Before we go ahead with the final part read the below links for a quick refresher:

1. Idea and development

2. Pre-production

3. Production

4. Post-production

Coming back to distribution. So, what is distribution?

Distribution is the process in which the film reaches the audience, and is therefore the final peak of the whole film making process. It is done through film distributors, either by a theatrical distribution or for home viewing, such as DVD releases. Nowadays, a film can also be shared on the internet. Advertising is, of course, a part of this phase; use your marketing material in order to stand out in the busy world of media.

Continue reading The simple process of making “MOVIES” – Part 5